Eigenharp KYMA Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s an Eigenharp jam that leans towards the experimental, bar|none‘s Strings for Rapture (Ode to the End of the World).

Here are the technical details:

This is a bit of noodling with a KYMA sound designed by Edmund Eagan for the Continuum that I adapted for the Eigenharp.

As you can hear, it has a lot of per note expression. Each key controls, velocity, pitch, timbre (reresonation of the strings), volume. phase, pick sound mix using roll, yaw, pressure, velocity of the keys, each key sending all this information INDEPENDENTLY!

There is a bit of bowed cello added which comes in only when I use the strip controller, everything else is one KYMA sound.

I’d like to extend my appreciation to Geert Bevin who designed the new MIDI configuration options for EigenD and made this connection possible. And of course to Edmund Eagan for this amazing sound, and to Symbolic Sound for KYMA.

One thought on “Eigenharp KYMA Jam

  1. Really nice to finally hear an eigenharp performance that shows off what the instrument can do that others can't. Very cool. The pitch bending on those keys still sounds totally cheesy to me, but he only does that a few times. The sounds and techniques employed are really beautiful!

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