New Sound Library Inspired By Kraftwerk

Best Service has introduced Kraftworker – a new virtual instrument, inspired by Kraftwerk.

Kraftworker includes synthesized sounds typical of Kraftwerk, along with the sounds of the Orchestron, TI Language Translator: german-english-french-spanish, FX-501P Pocket Calculator, Speak & Spell, Stylophone and BG Rhythm Machine.


  • Digital Modular system
  • Flexible routing of all modules und effects
  • Extreme fast Sound-Loading average access and loading of a new instruments with all its parameters and effects in less than a second
  • Direct stepping through the soundpool
  • Analog reproduction of digital sounds
  • Solo-Mode, Legato Mode, Portamento und Samplestart shifting
  • Multi Mode Filter / Resonator
  • QuickEditPage: Blue english Kraftworker interface with instant access to all important parameters
  • ProEdit Page: Offers every possible parameter, FX-Rack with 46 effects, Convolution Reverb etc.
  • Infinite Polyfonie
  • Infinite number of modulators
  • Infinite number of effects
  • Extrem flexibler Arpeggiator inklusive Midifile Abspieler •Extrem flexible Arpeggiator including Midifile player
  • Step and Modular Sequencer

Here’s a preview of the sounds on Kraftworker:

Kraftworker is expected to ship at the end of May. It’s priced at 249,00 €, including VAT.  See the Best Service site for details.

Note: Kraftworker is currently missing in action at the Best Service site.

18 thoughts on “New Sound Library Inspired By Kraftwerk

  1. Aw, now we're going to have synths NAMED after particular bands? Aren't enough people trying to channel Depeche Mode et al as it is? Considering how common and simple most of those sounds are, I'm dubious about that aspect of the idea.
    On the plus side, if you are determined to bask in being Kraftwerk Jr. or anything near it, this amusing mix of oddities is a nice little palette to have in a single package. Things like Orchestron are the spices that make a set more worthwhile. The translator is a nice touch and the GUI shows off a pleasing cleverness. It'll have some fans, for sure.

  2. I don't really understand the intention of this sample lib. I can't here anything which can't be made even with some standard VST synths. I have a collection quite good synths like Absynth, Zebra, Sylenth, all Korg soft synths etc. I think I have most of those sounds even in the factory libraries.

  3. It looks as if their lawyers waited for the day before the official launch 😉 I guess they wanted to maximise sales of the plugin, so they could maximise their damages claim. Aren't they clever?
    I was thinking about the legalities of this plugin. I guess using the name Kraftwork without permission is what's going to get them in strife. If they renamed the plugin then it should be OK.
    Imagine if they released a "Rolling Stoner" VSTi which contained virtual drums, bass and guitar which would enable you to sound like an authentic rock band! (yawn).
    I doubt it would cause a fuss…
    So I'm sure this thing will get released eventually. Fingers crossed!

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