Modular Synthesis With Your Body As A Module

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures some improvisation from John L Rice that explores the idea of incorporating your body into a modular synth patch- or at least using it as a sound source within a patch.

It may look a little funny – but there’s a clear interaction between Rice’s physical movements and the modular’s output that results in expressive sounds.

Technical details below.

via JohnLRice:

This is just two modules, a Modcan Vocoder 71B and a Synth Tech MOTM-101 noise source. The EV dynamic mic goes through a Shure mic pre and then to the vocoder, along with some pink noise. Having the speakers up a bit was causing some feedback that helped produce some of the sustain and depth.

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5 thoughts on “Modular Synthesis With Your Body As A Module

  1. I call this " Stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime " but then again, seems to be the norm these find the most convoluted and complex way possible, to achieve the most simplest sounds…I don't understand it.

    maybe it's cos I am one that looks for the quickest, and easiest way to achieve to most complex sounds.

  2. and I'd call that being more focussed on the destination than enjoying (and learning from) the journey.

    Perhaps more and more people are looking for some sort of authenticity in their sound generation. It may seem complex or convoluted but there are rewards in that effort that are different to just digging up a preset and tweaking it a little. For me that is the key attraction with modulars. Your sounds are very much all your own.

  3. It's just vocoding with a noise signal. You can do it on an R3, if you are inclined.

    Actually, I might go home and try it on my ms2000.

    Thanks for the video!

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