Stooky Bill – Live Spacedog Performance, Featuring Theremin, Robot

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a performance of Stooky Bill by Spacedog and features robot, theremin and Nipkow disk.

Here’s what Spacedog’s Sarah Angliss has to say about the delightfully creepy performance. 

Spacedog’s homage to Stooky Bill, ventriloquial sidekick of John Logie-Baird who appeared on the second ever television image, c1925. Baird was the inventor of an early, mechanical television apparatus that was tested at Alexander Palace, London.

This song features Spacedog’s own Stooky-like Hugo, a 1930s vent doll who was rescued from the attic of a dead magician.

This piece was recorded live, in one take, during Televisor, a live music and robotic show created by Spacedog and performed at the Brunswick Theatre, Brighton Festival Fringe, May 2011. Professor Elemental was guesting on the night.

This song is based on an original composition by Stephen Hiscock, with vocal and other samples composed by Sarah Angliss


Hugo as “Stooky Bill”

Sarah Angliss

Stephen Hiscock

Robots and televisor built by Sarah Angliss and Colin Uttley, Spacedog.
Video edit: Sarah Angliss.

You can see and hear more curiosities like this at the Spacedog website.

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