Anima Morte – ‘Vintage Italian Horror Music, From Sweden’

This set of videos takes a behind the scenes look at the creation of Anima Morte‘s The Nightmare Becomes Reality.

The Anima Morte project is described as ‘vintage Italian horror music, from Sweden.

Above, Anima Morte recording synthesizers, percussion & effects with Mattias Olsson @ ROTH-HÄNDLE Studio, Stockholm/Sweden – August 2010.

Recording drums for the project.

Recording bass.

Recording guitars and bouzouki for The Nightmare Becomes Reality.

via reader Fredrik Klingwall

17 thoughts on “Anima Morte – ‘Vintage Italian Horror Music, From Sweden’

  1. Old analogue synthesizers, tape technology, beaten-up effects pedals, moustachioed guy torturing old guitar – what's not to like?

  2. Okay, as an old closet progger I had to go onto iTunes and buy this LP (notice I said "LP"). I've just listened to it. It's great, go out and buy it. This one will be on the car CD player for the whole of the summer. 'Nuff said.

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