Allessandro Cortini Announces SuONOIO Red Synthesizer


Blindoldfreak, aka Allessandro Cortini, has announced the SuONOIO Red synthesizer, an updated version of the barebones synthesizer that he developed with The Harvestman‘s Scott Jaeger.

Here’s what’s changed with the SuONOIO Red:

  • red circuit board
  • samples from the new SONOIO RED record
  • blue faceplate with SuONOIO logo

Jaeger & Cortini are taking pre-orders at the SuONOIO site for $180.

Audio demo below.

7 thoughts on “Allessandro Cortini Announces SuONOIO Red Synthesizer

  1. The first time around I thought to myself that this is kind of a charming idea. But now that it has lost all originality I can only call it a rip-off. For $180 people could get some decent hard or software instead of what appears from the sound demo to be a pretty much useless "toy."

  2. If you could load up your own samples, this would interest me a lot. As it is, it seems like a pretty expensive promo.

    Anybody have experience with the first Suonioio?

  3. I got the first Suonio with the album, and I though it would be funny… but I sold it after a couple of weeks. The idea is actually nice: sample playback with some modular style patching. Nice to create some weird sound textures. The problem is, as has been pointed out, that you cannot add your own samples, and you cannot really integrate this with other gear (no sync, no midi, no CV or whatever). After you're toyed around with it for a couple of hours, it starts to get boring and uninteresting. You could probably create the same thing with Max, just with the advantage of tweakability.
    Given the high price I'd say, forget about it, and invest in something more interesting (like a Shruthi-1 or a Meeblip)

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