Moog Music Moves Into New Production Facility

Moog Music has moved into its new production facility in Asheville, NC.

Moog’s new facility is a former auto dealership building that had fallen into disrepair. The warehouse was once a horse stable. Moog announced the purchase of the building in May of 2010.

In this video, Moog President Mike Adams takes you on a tour of the new facility.

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8 thoughts on “Moog Music Moves Into New Production Facility

  1. I don't want to speak negatively about Moog, but I have a few gripes.

    1. Mike could not conjure the word "pitch" when describing the Etherwave theremin? I would expect anyone working at such a passionate company would be able to articulate better than this. I focused on this part, but other examples are throughout the video.

    2. They moved into a building that was saved from demolition which I applaud, as by doing so they recycled usable space. However, LED lighting, and other measures should not have been overlooked during the build out of the new interior as this would further support the eco philosophy they were projecting. The facility seemed slapped together as if they were a startup.

    I also am disappointed to see such a disaster that has been created of the internal space especially the manufacturing area. Tons of parts, boxes and clutter does not make for an efficient workspace. Yes, I am aware they are not fully moved in yet, but this to me is not an excuse. Moog is an amazing product, family, and brand. I am sorry to say I expected more of a passionate and forward thinking attitude about their facility and workspaces as they do their products.

  2. Whenever I see this kind of stuff I can't help but think they are just hoping to gentrify the area and make money on real estate. You just know that's what Moby is doing with his "fixer upper" LA mansion. I've seen it happen in Brooklyn, what was once a diverse working class area is now a land of million dollar condos and yuppies disguised in hipster costumes. This is the sort of sinister side of "art communities", everyone knows they will inevitably make the property values sky rocket as the locals get forced out and the area becomes chic. Then the "art people" cash out and move on leaving a bunch of luxury condos, Whole Foods outlets and American Apparel stores in their wake.

  3. Bahh….enough of the grumbling. If the place had been gleaming white with everything in it's place, there would have still been moaning. They have just moved into the facility for goodness sake. As for the pause when describing the Theremin, I have 3 or 4 of those brain skips a day. I would bet everyone working there is extremely passionate about what they do. Looks like the perfect working environment to me. Friendly people that enjoy working together to build an awesome product mostly by hand. Very proud to have them here in NC. Wish I lived closer, would love a tour myself. Thumbs up to the flag on the wall. Thanks for the video.

  4. Jeff & lol

    You two are some sad cynical dudes.

    They took an abandoned dive and turned it into something useful and you think that's a bad thing? In this economy?

  5. In all honesty I was surprised by the fact that the manufacturing area seemed to be thrown together with rooms enclosed by plywood walls. Not a pretty sight, but then again: Real passion about what you are doing makes you forget about your surroundings. And, well, it's probably another measure to keep cost down. Moog instruments are expensive enough as it is. Leave the more insane prices to boutique manufacturers that operate from kitchen tables or small labs that might not be much prettier than this one. Bottom line: I'd not be too thrilled working there, but I can appreciate the DIY like approach as I tend to build things myself, too.

  6. The main thing is Moog keep going as a company. I usually just care about the quality of the product and not the place it was made. Over-sized, over ornate buildings just add to verhead costs.

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