Audio Damage Panstation The Most Sophistocated Autopanner You Can Get

Audio Damage has introduced Panstation, a $39 effect for Mac & WIndows that they describe as ‘the most sophisticated autopanner plug-in available.’


  • Four different panning laws, including an exact 1:1 clone of the M500 pan law.
  • Ten panning waveforms, including all the waveforms present in the M500.
  • Free-run, MIDI tempo sync, MIDI note trigger, MIDI note number, and CC control of panning.
  • Audio trigger counting feature from the A&D PanScan.
  • Easy-to-read user interface. No squinting at tiny pixel fonts.
  • Relative phase control of each side, for tremolo and stereo widening effects.
  • MIDI Learn for full MIDI CC control over every parameter.

Audio demos are available at the Audio Damage site.

4 thoughts on “Audio Damage Panstation The Most Sophistocated Autopanner You Can Get

  1. wow, the combinaiton of a simple delay, a volume-induced trigger and a 2-Chanel routing-matrix. 1998 called, they want back their ideas

  2. I recall Chris Randall saying AD wasn't interested in hardware emulations anymore, guess they changed their minds.

  3. I thought he said that too. Only one algorithm emulates old hardware, so I guess this is a hybrid emulation? I bet they were able to throw this plugin together relatively quick, so maybe that's why the decided to do it.

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