Madrona Labs Updates Aalto Synthesizer – Here’s What’s New

Madrona Labs Aalto

Madrona Labs has announced Aalto 1.2 for Mac and Windows, an update to its semi-modular software synthesizer.

New in Aalto version 1.2:

  • Mac and Windows VST versions
  • 64-bit Mac AU / VST
  • 64-bit Windows VST
  • Improved performance (20-50% faster than version 1.1)
  • Brand new patching interface
  • New cross-platform preset format
  • Improved dial ballistics
  • Over 100 new presets from Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, Rory Dow, Surachai, Edward Ten Eyck and Madrona Labs.

The update should be especially welcome for Mac users, according to the developer:

Mac people, you are really going to enjoy so much more smoothness as compared to 1.1 — I’m really happy to send this one out. The 20-50% is actually conservative, because I rewrote the display code to get rid of the glitching at lower buffer sizes that was especially bad in Live. So, when you were seeing only 50%CPU but hearing occasional glitches… no more.

The update is expected to  be available Friday, June 10.

6 thoughts on “Madrona Labs Updates Aalto Synthesizer – Here’s What’s New

  1. Shit, man. I thought my recent getting-new-softsynths bender was over after picking up the u-he ACE. It appears that this is not the case.

  2. So pumped for the Windows version. I have been interested in this synth since the summer of 2010. This will be the first soft synth I have bought since ACE. I am excited!

  3. Been waiting for this since a year, checkin its site week by week. The bar is high, but i don't think so that i'll disappoint me after trying it… Can't wait to tweak some "nice" sounds with it!

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