Tegan & Sara Do ‘Living Room’ In The Moog Sound Lab

The music of Tegan & Sera isn’t overtly electronic, but this live performance from the Moog Sound Lab showcases how they make use of the Moog Guitar, Etherwave theremin and Taurus 3 bass synthesizer.

Technical details below. 

via MoogMusicInc:

Tegan and Sara re-envision their single “Living Room” from their album entitled “If It Was You,” filling it with Moog Guitars and the ultra low end of the Taurus 3 Bass Pedals. Sara uses the Full Sustain mode on the Paul Vo Collector Edition Moog Guitar to create swooshing string pads to accompany Tegan’s upbeat acoustic guitar.

Ted Gowans uses the E1 Moog Guitar in a couple of ways: He’s using Mute mode during parts of the versus that give a real staccato feel, then switches over to Controlled Sustain where energy is given to just 1 or 2 strings at a time.

Shaun Hubert makes use of his hands and feet with the Taurus 3 Bass Pedals, bringing a massive low end growl to the song. There’s also an Etherwave Plus Theremin being used to sweep the Taurus 3’s filter via the CV output on the theremin.

8 thoughts on “Tegan & Sara Do ‘Living Room’ In The Moog Sound Lab

  1. Ok, where’s the Moog? All I heard was a couple of oddly sounding girls without vibrato or good voices singing and playing guitars with an occasional Taurus bass controlled by the Etherwave Theremin. When is Moog going to realize that this guitar thing is not their bread and butter and go back to making great monophonic synthesizers. I would love to see them bring back the modular updated with Apple IOS controls and computer integrated as an option. With modules priced from $50 through $250.

  2. Someone should put a maraca in Mr. Theremin Player's left hand.

    Seriously, I liked the performance, but every time Moog comes out with one of these "from the Moog Sound Lab" videos, it feels like McDonald's showing off their latest creation from their test kitchen.

    "The McRib is back!"

  3. I think the guitar is pretty cool, but what I find strange and saddening is that they have taken to shooting these videos with all that cool gear racked up in the background and no one ever really plays it.

    I've seen one or two token knob twists but basically they seem to be fluff. Maybe that's where they store defective units.

    Seems like a lot of style and very little substance.

  4. no way moog is going to look hip no matter how hard they try… the neon indian video was kinda cool but this is just wrong. indie guitarrists buy teles, not moog guitars.

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