New Features Music In iOS 5

iOS 5 music featuresiOS music site Touch Producer reports that there are at least 7 updates that relate to music making in Apple’s new iOS 5:

  • Support for lots of sample audio inputs and channel routing
  • Sequence creation
  • Multiprocessing for audio
  • More filter types
  • Multiple music devices
  • A whole new core Bluetooth set of APIs
  • More reverb settings for OpenAL

Touch Producer’s Nic Platers adds, “I have idea what a lot of them mean completely, but it seems as if the main set of interesting features is the support for more audio data, more in and out options and multiple instrument and audio channels.”

If other developers have more to add on this, we’d love to hear your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “New Features Music In iOS 5

  1. the most basic – a file management – is still missing? back to the 90's, this is so timeconsuming, why not just make a place for all wav and jpg files, well i guess its some problem, but I dont understand why, this is worse then my old amiga, 20 years ago….

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