Instrumental For iPad Now Available (WiFi MIDI Control)

Continental Laboratories has released Instrumental – a Wi-Fi MIDI virtual control surface for iOS.

Instrumental connects via WiFi to MIDI software on your computer and lets you control it with a variety of customizable interfaces:

  • a piano
  • a wicki-hayden hexagonal keyboard
  • a 4×4 drumpad
  • a 16 channel mixer
  • 2 completely generic pages for controlling random devices like equalizers, compressors and other effects.

Drivers for Propellerhead’s Reason and Record provide control maps for every Reason and Record device, with automatic control labels that update, even when you override controls on the fly.


  • modular control panels that can be swapped around quickly and easily
  • all controls can have labels and text readouts provided by the host, or edited on the fly
  • all controls have feedback from the host, so you know exactly where everything is set
  • supports the QB Conductor Protocol for reliable low-latency MIDI over Wi-Fi. Conductor servers are available for both Mac and Windows.
  • supports the Apple Network MIDI Protocol, available on every Mac.
  • connect multiple iPads to the same computer; have your whole band playing through one computer.
  • musical layouts with┬ácustomizable┬áresponse curves

Instrumental for iPad is available now for $24.99.

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