Horizon Synth For iPad (Audio Preview)

This is an audio preview of Horizon synth – a virtual analog synthesizer that, at least according to the developer, will ‘take the definition of iOs synthesizer to the next level.”


  • True SuperSaw sound emulation, first found in the legendary Roland JP-8000 synthesizer. SuperSaw is a layered waveform consisting of multiple saw waves which are detuned to create an extremely full and epic sound. It’s possible to use 2 supersaw oscillators per voice * 7 polyphony = 98 saw oscillators playing the same time!
  • Two independent filters per voice with configurable routing. You can select between various filter types including classic resonant LP,HP,BP,Notch and less common like Comb and Formant.
  • The Morph Group function lets you continuously morph of up to 30 parameters in a sound (including effects), using only the modulation wheel.

Horizon is being developed by Beep Street, creators of iSequence, and they say it will work with any MIDI keyboard or seqeuncer.

Full details and pricing are to come.

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