RealBeat Sampler For Mac

RealBeat is a new sampler for Mac that focuses on ‘simplicity and fast results.’

According to the developer, “RealBeat for Mac is not a fully fledged sequencer or sound software it rather offers simple and fast access to sampling and manipulating recorded sounds live or at home. Don’t expect a feature-laden software but lots of fun with your own samples & sounds.”


  • Simple interface
  • Sampler (record sounds easily)
  • Text to Speech (let your computer speak for you)
  • Looping of sounds
  • Modify the sound (pitch, reverse, distortion, reverb, …)
  • Sequencer (make rhythms)
  • Semi-automatic rhythm creation
  • Patterns (modify the rhythm easily)
  • Export sounds
  • Resample sounds
  • Works with internal microphone (or line-in) and external sound interfaces

RealBeat is available now in the App Store for $5.99

One thought on “RealBeat Sampler For Mac

  1. COOL! a plugin to make the worst song ever! I am totally going to use that plugin if my song can come out even half as shitty as that demo song.

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