Reactable For Android Now Available

Reactable Mobile for AndroidReactable Mobile – a multi-touch music music application – is now available for Android.

Reactable Mobile is a performance-oriented music app that offers synthesis, sequencing and sample playback.


  • For iOS and Android
  • High quality 44kHz stereo sound
  • Accelerometer and microphone input
  • More than 20 virtual objects
  • Import of custom samples and loops
  • Save and share your sessions

It’s available in the Android Market for $11.54 or in the App Store for $9.99.

via Palm Sounds

10 thoughts on “Reactable For Android Now Available

  1. Anyone had a go of it and can compare it to jasuto?

    I don't think i can justify the purchase. I haven't really used any audio apps on my android past the novelty factor.

  2. Jasuto and Reactable are very different programs. I've used both on iOS. Jasuto is a fully modular synthesis environment, with added abilities to do some recorded "motions" of the sound. Reactable was, in a word, disappointing. It looks like it would be great stuff, but in reality it's an extremely limited sample playback gizmo. You only get a couple of controls per sample, and the built in tone generators are very limited. I found Reactable to be an over-hyped toy, or at best a flashy but basic sample player/mixer, but Jasuto is a really great feature filled tool.

  3. We have the reactable here at teh university, they even bought 3 of tghem: 2 round ones, one rectangular. Having played with it a bit, it is more a giant toy than a decent instrument/controller. You have not that much control so it stays limited. the best use for this machine is on a gig to show off. Indeed, the appearance is nice but it is the sound that counts, isn't it?My main issue is the pricetag for those tables: € 10000 a piece and you need to hoop up a computer. For that kind of money you can get a bunch of ipads with some apps and you can do music in groups with better synths and sounds.

  4. How many decent music apps does it make now for Android – three or four?

    And why is it more expensive on Android than iOS?

  5. Looks interesting, i might get it if it goes on sale or something (i could use a good sample player) but currently the cost vs usefulness is a bit…… meh-ish…..

  6. Curious too why it's more expensive on Android.
    Smaller market? ok, but wouldn't it be great to encourage it too grow by pricing competivitely?

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