Chip Maestro NES MIDI Synthesizer Cartridge

Chip Maestro – a new project to develop a NES MIDI Synthesizer Cartridge – is fully funded and under development.

Here’s how developer Jarek Lupinski describes the project:

I am prototyping, designing and assembling a special cartridge called Chip Maestro which can be used in any Nintendo Entertainment System. This cartridge will accept a MIDI input from any instrument, and by passing the MIDI notes through the NES, the cartridge will make the NES synthesize 8-bits of awesome in true NES squarewavey goodness.

See the video for more details!

The project has 260 backers and has raised $15,045 of a $1,150 goal, demonstrating that there’s a lot of interest in a NES MIDI Synth.

The Chip Maestro is still under development. You can follow development at Lupinski’s Kickstarter site.

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One thought on “Chip Maestro NES MIDI Synthesizer Cartridge

  1. from the demo, it looks like they've just made all five channels as a single five voice patch on a single midi (or meady) channel. Couldn't find any tech info on the site.

    I'd be tempted to pick up a nes for this.

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