Live Improvisation With Moog Voyager OS, Nord Stage & Dave Smith Mopho

Sunday Synth Jam:  Live analog improv, with Moog Voyager OS, Nord Stage and Dave Smith Mopho.

Technical details below. 

via hyperdust7:

Tonestepa on Minimoog and Hyperdust on Nord Stage and Mopho.

Beats and a repeating bass note are on Cubase (Maschine & Mopho bass), but the rest of the noise is live. There is a CP-251 connected to the Old School Moog, so Tony is controlling 2 LFO’s. One slowly oscillating the filter and the other affecting the pitch of Oscillator 2 with sync on. Nord Stage is providing a weird piano like sound, and the Dave Smith Mopho for the lead melody.

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