New Generative Music Software For AudioCubes, Improvisor

Percussa AudioCubes Improvisor

Percussa has introduced Improvisor – a new generative music app for the AudioCubes.:

IMPROVISOR is an application that makes it easy to create complex melodies and rhythms, all while staying in tempo, rhythm and in key (if you want), and without having to be a music theory genius.

It’s a generative music software application that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the AudioCubes, our easy to use smart musical blocks.

The idea of IMPROVISOR is that each cube is linked with a groove and a relative note pattern, which is played back in a loop.

You can add and remove loops by adding and removing cubes. By placing the cubes next to each other, their note patterns are added to each other, creating completely new melodies, all in key and in rhythm. These can be sent via MIDI to your favourite software or hardware synth.

Improvisor is still in development. See the Percussa site for details.

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