SampleWiz For iOS: Creating New Sounds Via Audio Copy/Paste

This video demo, via mvpadrini, demonstrates creating new sounds for the app SampleWiz (Wizdom Music) using audio copy/paste.

In the demo, samples are created using Beep Street’s Horizon synthesizer and then moved to SampleWiz for additional work.


8 thoughts on “SampleWiz For iOS: Creating New Sounds Via Audio Copy/Paste

  1. Cool I will say something about this…I have know what to say about anything that comes with iOS 🙂

    Hate hate shit iPad sucks Apple is shit it's a toy no good not a real musical instrument get a real instrument like a CDJ or something is there one for Android or what about Windoze? can I get this on my $20 crap-phone why not…blah, blah blah!!

    Is that the right feedback?

  2. Anyone who wants to use a midi keyboard to play, ya troll. For $9.99, coremidi support should have been included.

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