Alesis iO Dock Unboxing Video (‘Gimped-Out’ Version)

Minijack Music’s Greg Pritchard shared his only slightly ‘gimped-out’ unboxing video for the Alesis iO Dock:

First look at the new Alesis iO Dock – the ultimate audio and midi interface for the iPad.

Unboxing and testing the iO Dock with some favorite apps like Horizon Synth and Korg’s iMS-20.

See our earlier post for the full Alesis iO Dock specifications.

The Alesis iO Dock is a device that a lot of readers have been interested since it was introduced at the 2011 NAMM Show. So, if you’ve tried it, leave a comment with your thoughts on it.

via Minijack music, a blog that focuses making music with ‘minijack’ devices

7 thoughts on “Alesis iO Dock Unboxing Video (‘Gimped-Out’ Version)

  1. I'm getting so tired of "unboxing" videos. YES please tell me more about the styrofoam it was packaged with…. who do you people think you are? I don't need your stupid backstories and BS. Just test the damn thing and get on with it….. ARRRRG

  2. You might have an idea if you didnt have to wait through people skillfully demonstrating how long they've been working in a warehouse. I wish people had this much interest every time I open a box…

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