iOS Techno Duo, MoDrum & BassLine, Updated

iPhone TB303 bassline synthesizer

Developer Finger Pro has updated its techno duo for iOS, MoDrum and BassLine.

Key updates include easier sync & switching between BassLine & MoDrum and AudioCopy support.

Here’s what’s new:

  • BassLine
    • Added 20 templates by Myagi (
    • Ability to switch between sessions without stopping
    • Opt-out from background audio
    • Support for MAPI/ACP pasteboard history
  • MoDrum
    • Several new sound sculpting parameters
    • Dotted 8th Delay effect unit
    • Hard Knee Compressor
    • Ability to program patterns by dragging
    • Step sequencer undo/redo
    • Support for AudioCopy by Sonoma Wire Works
    • Opt-out from background audio
    • Allow MIDI note output
    • Various improvements and bug fixes

MoDrum and BassLine are available in the App Store.

2 thoughts on “iOS Techno Duo, MoDrum & BassLine, Updated

  1. Two great apps have gotten even better.

    Also, hats off again to Finger for a. Being the first to fully and truly implementing all CoreMIDI features including sync and the ability for apps to talk with one another on the same or multiple devices and b. Sharing the CoreMIDI programming info for any developer that needs it.

    Bravo, guys.

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