Synthrotek 16 Step Analog Sequencer

This is a demo of the Synthrotek 16 Step Analog Sequencer – a control voltage sequencer for analog synths.


  • Full 16 Steps, that can be reset from 1-16 with the flip a switch and turn of our 8 step switch!
  • On, Hold-Through, and Off functions per step
  • Gate and S-Trig (for Moog synths)
  • CV OUT with 2 voltage modes 9v and 5 volts (switched)
  • Clock INPUT
  • Clock OUT
  • Reset sync for connecting multiple sequencers
  • LED per step
  • Variable Gate length (staccato to full step duration)
  • Momentary and hard hold (stop) function for tuning each step
  • Retro Console Design

The Synthrotek 16 Step Analog Sequencer is available for $429.

One thought on “Synthrotek 16 Step Analog Sequencer

  1. I like the look, sound, and functionality of this stuff, so it's totally irrational of me to allow myself to be irritated by a guy in a trilby telling me how "awesome", "totally cool" and "rad" this nice-but-average sequencer is.

    Oh yeah, and how does a bleep box earn the name "Space Drum"?

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