An Unadulterated Synthgasm Of Analog Goodness

Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam, via spacemusicuk, is a full-on unadulterated synthgasm of analog goodness, featuring Doepfer Dark Time sequencer driving a Dark Energy and a Moog Voyager.

Berlin School sequencing may be old school, but there’s a reason it’s still popular.

14 thoughts on “An Unadulterated Synthgasm Of Analog Goodness

  1. The Dark Energy goes through an EHX Polyphase – helps warm up the low end which can be a bit lacking in the DE, and also adds some nice subtle movement. Both DE and Voyager send to a knackered old Quadraverb, with the low end rolled off the input, for delay and just a tiny hint of reverb. Recorded in stereo to Logic and then a little touch of compression/limiting with UAD plugs.

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