Jean Michel Jarre Live In Monaco

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures Jean Michel Jarre performing live in Monaco, at a celebration of the marriage of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene.

Note: It’s taken from a live stream and includes about thirty minutes of prerecorded music, played as night falls. Jarre’s performance starts about 30 minutes in.

It’s another epic event for Jarre – but also a rare live performance that features a museum’s worth of classic analog and digital synths.

7 thoughts on “Jean Michel Jarre Live In Monaco

  1. One of Jarres best concerts for a long time. Bit of laser harp and analog tuning problems but hey, shows it's live.

  2. So how much was "live" vs. pre-recorded. I just cannot belive that was all live – the Equinoxe songs with the long sequner runs, etc.

  3. JMJ – he's the man!!! WIsh I had been there. Gog looks great. I reckon it was 70% live. Is that Francis Rimbert (sp?) at the back playing some arpeggiating sequences that sound sequenced. Thats some fast fingers at work there! 🙂

  4. His performance seemed kind of, well… sloppy, to me. For such a gigantic and expensive production, the music didn’t feel very epic to my ears. Guess you had to be there…

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