Touch Digital Controllers Intros ImpOSCar2 Controller

Music controller startup Touch Digital Controllers has announced a dedicated controller for the new ImpOSCar2 software synthesizer.

Touch Digital Controllers was formed in 2010 by Richard Lawson and Kent Spong, both of whom have been working in the music industry serving the vintage instrument community through their respective businesses: RL Music and KSR.

They have a lot to say in the video above and on their site about the philosophy behind creating dedicated MIDI controllers for software synthesizer:

Offering a dedicated interface to a truly stunning virtual instrument – the impOSCar2 from GForce – means you connect with the software in the same way you would with a physical and real hands-on synthesizer. We know from experience that this ‘human connection’ with the instrument means the creative mind can focus onto the sound design in a natural and tactile way with perceptible feedback through a hands-on experience.  The computer environment can be a cold and complex place to stare at for hours and it offers the creative soul little nourishment. Our Controller becomes a real friend for you to make music again and not another level of hi-technology to get in the way.

The ImpOSCar2 Controller (IMP2C) was specifically designed to take the best aspects of vintage instrument design: large clear panels; big knobs; switches; buttons etc and then marry that to the cutting-edge digital music software design.  These physical aspects work particularly well for live applications as the Controller has presence and gives instant “tweak-able” access into the virtual domain.  The IMP2C has also been designed to easily survive the rigors of touring with a tough build quality that offers peace of mind on the road.Our Controller has also been designed to look beautiful and to inspire its owner to use it, play it and love it.  Why shouldn’t electronic music instruments in themselves evoke emotion – something that looks beautiful as well as functional!

Our controller is made of steel (oven baked powder-coated) and natural hand-finished mahogany wood. It uses custom made anodized aluminum knobs and analogue steel-bearing potentiometers (vintage spec) which ooze quality, longevity and offer that perfect resistance when turned and deliver smooth and ultra-high resolution voltage control into the digital domain via our powerful custom made Voltage-to-Midi/USB processor.  This Controller feels right to the touch and looks right to the eye, is solid, just the right weight and is hand built to a standard – our standard – and not a price point.

We believe that you have to love music to make music instruments like this. We built this instrument because this is what we would want to own and use (with our computers) but, at the same time, not cost a fortune and make it the preserve of only wealthy individuals. GForce offered us an opportunity to make this product to support what we believe is the best software synthesizer money can buy – the impOSCar2.  Together, this is an incredible package and the IMP2C is sold at an affordable price so everyone gets the chance to have one – now that’s how it should be.

Details below. 


  • 101 control inputs comprising; 83 knobs, 7 led lit buttons, 2 punch in/out switches and 9 momentary buttons with 9 linked led, midi in/out led, MIDI-in and 128 channel simultaneous USB and MIDI out processor.
  • Custom made aluminium knobs – old school vibe!
  • The custom made USB/MIDI processor is the first commercially available 128 channel device in the world.  To reduce costs (and size) we wanted this processor to be able to handle the maximum number of MIDI cc channels possible on a singe board.
  • The case has been fabricated from 2mm thick sheet steel
  • Oak and Mahogany wood end-cheeks and inserts

The Touch Digital Controllers ImpOSCar2 Controller is priced at £749 + tax.

11 thoughts on “Touch Digital Controllers Intros ImpOSCar2 Controller

  1. Who better to realize the controller dream than Kent Spong and RL Music? (Sorry, Synth-Project…) Looks like a sweet piece of gear (at $1400 USD, shipped!!) Too bad there's not a keyboard version as well, or an iPad version of impOSCar2. The controller, plus a keyboard controller, plus a laptop to run the VST on… that's quite a footprint a la CS-80… but wait– isn't that what our analog guru friends love anyway. I mean, who cares about the physical mass of the "instrument", right?

    Now a keyboard version with a dock for an iPad running the VST– THAT is the virtual dream realized!

  2. designe is awesome, Sound i like but i Need a midicontroller how my creation simply fast and precise
    for not more as 1000.- and i like it work for 10 years. thats what 1000.- is from product Quality. so i pay 500.- more thats 1500.- and i have a happy Controller, and not that plasticpark. Livid bring it 2 years. and thats to cheap for microtechnology. i ned the right cabel the now button and thats stabile how that synth Oscar is ONLY FOR MIDI.


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