impOSCar2 Now Available & It ‘Still Screams Like A Bastard’

GForce Software has a July 4th treat for Mac users – they’ve released impOSCar 2, noting that ‘the screaming bastard just became a corpulent teenager:

Some say we’ve behaved like over-protective parents, refusing to let our corpulent teenager out for fear of it bullying the other kids on the block. That may indeed be true but we’re finally pleased to announce that the Mac version of impOSCar2 is being given its independence.

There’s a Mac demo version here. The demo version is unlocked by purchasing a license.

With a little luck the PC version will follow before 2013 (joke) and will automatically be allocated to the account of anyone who purchases the Mac version.

The video above offers audio previews of impOSCar2 and comments from people involved in the development of the software synth. See the GForceSoftware YouTube channel for impOSCar2 tutorials.

Available initially as a Mac only release, GForce says that ‘PC will follow as soon as is humanly possible’.


  • Separate Instrument and Effects Versions
  • Mono Unison and Poly Unison Modes
  • New Aux Mod Section with comprehensive routing
  • Nine Filter Types with Drive, Cutoff, Q and Separation.
  • New Chord Memory and single note retrigger
  • 6 Portamento modes with new Unison glide voice spread
  • New Unison Voice Pan
  • New Note Pan Modes
  • Programmable Velocity Responses and New Aftertouch Modes
  • Improved Arpeggiator
  • Small, Regular or Large Interface Sizes
  • New Ring Modulator
  • New Chorus Modes
  • New Patch Management System with conversion of original impOSCar Aupresets, FXPs and FXBs etc

There are three ways to purchase the instrument:

  • impOSCar2 is €139.00 (plus VAT where applicable) Only available directly from our shop.
  • An upgrade from impOSCar to impOSCar2 is: €59.00 (plus VAT where applicable). You will need log in to your account and link to Upgrades/Crossgrades.
  • If you took advantage of the impOSCar Blow-Out offer you can upgrade to impOSCar2 for €109.00 (Plus VAT where applicable). You will need log in to your account and link to Upgrades/Crossgrades.

5 thoughts on “impOSCar2 Now Available & It ‘Still Screams Like A Bastard’

  1. Bout time! I have to say I really have been looking forward to this vst release since they first announced it. The original ImpOSCar has always been a favorite and I forthing at the mouth to hear what see what all the new features can do.

  2. Crap.. just found out about Z3TA2 as well… money's too tight to mention so its gonna be tough having to pick one to buy at the mo…

  3. Checked imposcar 2 for about 6 hours.
    I think it is a jump to a new level in software synths. This synth is pure bliss! Now I understand why it took so long to release it! This is not just an update. Amazingly musical.

  4. I thought the original was one of the most 'analogue' sounding soft synths out there…. this one sounds even better!

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