Touch DJ Evolution For iPad, iPhone (Visual Mixing 2.0 Sneak Preview)

This is a sneak preview of visual mixing with the upcoming Touch DJ Evolution for the iPhone:

Mix done 100% visually (without headphones), shows the usage of Auto-Sync and Auto-EQ features of Touch DJ Evolution.

The app allows extremely easy, almost perfect instant mixing. The preparation phase for this mix was just loading the tracks and defining some cue points to mark entries and transitions. The tracks were loaded in alphabetical order (wrong in general, but good for demo purposes)

What happens in the video is simply navigating on cuepoints (by tapping them in the track waveform overview), engaging Auto-Sync at the right time, and ultimately moving the crossfader and loading another track..

App handles mantaining constant BPM of the mix through time-stretching the tracks, not pitch-shifting (although that setting is also possible, separate for each deck).

The application will hit AppStore soon, as a universal app for iPhone & iPad.

via AmidioInc

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