Pink Floyd’s On The Run On The Korg Monotribe

A version of the famous Pink Floyd On The Run sequence, on the new Korg Monotribe, via gattobus:

This was obviously the first thing I could play on this little box…
It’s amazing!

It doesn’t sound much like the original – but that’s probably missing the point. A lot of great music has been made with limited synths and 8 step sequencers…….

5 thoughts on “Pink Floyd’s On The Run On The Korg Monotribe

  1. Hi dudes,

    If I bought a Monotribe, which would be my first musical gear ever, how would I be able to record the sound / patterns made by it, since it doesn't have MIDI or USB ports? I would have to put a mic near of it right?

    I'm a noob on these things, sorry.

  2. You could probably take a double-ended male-to-male 1/8" cable to plug it directly into the line input on your computer's soundcard.

  3. That's about the only way besides some kind of complex hardware modification (which will probably hit the net soon).
    If you have a sequencer program on your computer you could save your performance on the Monotribe in one track as pure audio, then you could go in later on other tracks to add to it.

    –Another handy device to use with synths with no storage– film the synth and your hands as you mess with it, that way you can just rewind the video to find out how you did something.

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