Roland JP 80 Manual

Roland JP 80

Roland has put the owner’s manual (.pdf) for the new Jupiter 80 online, along with the JP 80 MIDI Implementation chart and Parameter Guide.

The manual has details on the 80, including a fairly detailed overview of the synths virtual analog synthesis and its approach to physical + behavior modeling synthesis.

See the Owner’s Manual page on their site for all the downloads and see our previous Roland Jupiter 80 coverage for more specs, demos & details.

2 thoughts on “Roland JP 80 Manual

  1. anyone really familiar with the Yamaha VL1 and want to speculate from the manual how the Jupiter 80 stacks up against it?

    i've become really interested in physical modeling.. love the sound of the VL1 too. maybe the new jupiter will make a few naysayers recant

  2. I have a roland jp 8080. I wouldn't want to swap it for the jp80.
    I hope Roland make some more gear with plenty of knobs and sliders on.Simple gear that is easy to use. A digital mc 202/sh101, or even a Juno 106 re issue.!!
    We can hope.
    The lack of knobs and sliders on this makes it another lost cause.

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