Music Robots Play Marilyn Manson’s ‘The Beautiful People’

EOL Robot Band cover The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson.

This could use a little robotic mouth singing the lyrics, don’t you think?

via bd594:

Intially I was working on my own version of Mad World and I did complete it however the Robot Cello didn’t work out because the sound of the solenoinds and stepper motor was drowning out the song. So I scrapped the project altogether. One night I was working on the Cello and the stepper motor started to jitter almost ripping the Cello sting and Bow apart. As I was jumping over to the power switch I noticed that the jittery sound reminded me of a song. That song turned out to be The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. I programmed a small part for the Cello and it sounded great. Who would have ever though to use a Cello in that song? 2 months later…. my video was complete. So Enjoy. I may follow up with a another video showing what circuits, parts and tools that were used to make these robots.

I would also like to thank jtodd900 for his YouTube video “The Beautiful People guitar cover WITH TABS”. It was very helpful with respect to programming my Robot Guitar. Muting the strings was a bitch but if you look at the solenoids on Fret 4 and 8 you will see that I covered the pads with foam and velvet. It is soft enough to stop the strings from vibrating.

5 thoughts on “Music Robots Play Marilyn Manson’s ‘The Beautiful People’

  1. At first I was impressed, thinking it's much better than other similar things of this type. But after watching for a couple minutes, I realized it is likely partially or mostly faked.

    They did create some robotic gear for the video, and may have used it as a basis for the tracks. But what we are hearing seems to be some combination of tracks played by a person (with the robot going through the motions) and samples/loops . The bowed bass and electric guitar gave it away. The scanner motor is samples, the video just doesn't line up at all.

  2. Not sure I understand the skepticism if the Orr iOS comment, when you’ve got someone like Pat Metheny touring with a musical robot band.

    Pretty cool – but I miss the vocals. How about sequenced Speak and Spell?

  3. This one was very well done, but the best robot band i ever seen was named Captured By Robots. They literally hold the human hostage as they criticize listeners of techno, (and humans in general). It was all done through pneumatic pumps, but perfectly synched up. Truly great rock and roll robots.

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