New Synth Made With Explosives!

Free Music Software: AfroDJMac is back with another free Rack for Ableton Live.

This week, he’s got a new synth that was made with explosives, AfroDJMac FirecRACKer Synth:

Fireworks create beautiful visuals, and this week they make a cool synth.

I recorded the sounds of Fourth of July fireworks here in New York, and put that sample into the Max For Live Granulator, and then sampled that into Ableton’s Sampler and Simpler.

I’ve set it up to create two distinct sounds. The first is a nice warm and textural pad/keys sound. Secondly, I added effects to create as dirty and disgustingly ferocious bass sound as possible. Being that the sound comes from fireworks, I think a fierce bass sound is appropriate.

Now you can brag to your friends “this bass was made with explosives!”

I hope you enjoy the AfroDJMac FirecRACKer Synth and please spread the word!

Download FirecRACKer at the AfroDJMac site.

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