Would You Spend $5 To Promote Your Music? Like This?


Would you spend $5 to promote your music?

That’s what Emrie Sherwood did, because she wanted to go beyond what her label was doing.

She dropped a fiver at fiverr.com and got this “hairy little dance machine” to make a video for her song. People will actually do quite a lot of bizarre things for $5.

Not sure if this is going to be the next viral hit. But for $5, it’s a cheap experiment.

Got any ideas of your own on how you can promote your music for $5?

via Oliver Chesler, aka The Horrorist


5 thoughts on “Would You Spend $5 To Promote Your Music? Like This?

  1. Best way to get some promotion IMO is going with "giving and taking". In other words; are you using some kind of DAW to setup your score? Then get somewhat involved with the community around it. Same applies to other types of equipment. Share some tips and tricks, try to help others and you'll very likely learn something in the event yourself as well.

    Then when you have something completed just dump it on sites like Soundcloud and easily promote your stuff (not spamming; just something likes "guys, I made my xx track today. Maybe you'd like to check it out? I used <your product here> and I think it totally rocks!".

    That might get you much more attention than you bargained for; may even attract attention from the guys who made whatever you're using.

    In the end I think this kind of "advertising" will go a much longer way. That is… Unless of course you're lucky and some $5 video you paid for goes viral, as mentioned in the article. But what are the odds of that ?

    1. I agree with this for the most part. But with Soundcloud, I believe that people will be more likely to listen to your material if you leave constructive feedback on things like the mix, arrangement, why you like a particular part, you know what I am getting at. I don’t mean to sound snobby, but personally, I find it rather unprofessional to simply put something along the lines of one word comments and then plug your own material. (If you use soundcloud, you know what I am talking about.) You are spot on with the community involvement, In addition to the DAW forums, look into netlabels, and other means of social media outlets that gear toward your style (or genre) or Electronic music in general. You know whats up. *cheers*

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