7 thoughts on “Korg Monotribe Review

  1. real time automation on this thing??? is it just a pad trigger or a sequence trigger like the ableton controller as well?

  2. It's not a sequence trigger. You only get one loop. That said, it's still a great piece of gear. Build is great. I don't miss lack of midi at all. Click track works fine. I picked mine up for $209. Some may say it is a toy, but all synths are and should be, imho. Music making is supposed to be fun. Thanks, Korg, for thinking differently!

  3. I got it as a pre-order special at Nova Musik. :-/ I wish I could have told the synthtopia community about it, since it is so close to that imaginary $199 boundary, but didn't really know how to. The news isn't really fit for a new posting here. Sent the info in any, in case it was. I suspect there will be a lot of these guys that show up on ebay as second hand in the coming months….only because they are so weird and not your typical synth.

  4. Damn these are deep. I have have had mine for 3 days now and everytime I play I come up with different sounds and watching this video showed me more how much versatility this synth/groovebox has. Lovin mine. Will never part with such a portable, fun, professional, analog, bliss box.

  5. I feel lucky.
    I got this for 59$ plus shipping online.. the website quickly changed the price, after a couple of weeks presale at this price. I bet it was an initial error because it was the same price as the monotron at first.
    I must say plugging the monotron into the input works well. Finally, route into your KP3 for quality drums and recording of phrases as you create/change them. PB

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