MIDI Touch Updated

Midi Touch

Customizable iPad MIDI controller MIDI Touch has been updated to version 2.3.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Labels — add colored text labels to your presets
  • Steppers — New Stepper control: add values to a list and have the control step through backwards or forwards. Perfect for waveform selectors.
  • Buttons — added new interlocking option, also good for waveform selectors, lighting application etc.
  • Buttons — added new stepper option to step through values (i.e. +2, -2 etc)
  • Accelerometer — added pitch bend message type
  • XYZ Pads — added NRPN/RPN message type
  • When pasting/duplicating controls, new controls are now selected
  • Added option for alternative Note Off messages (Preferences -> Midi Preferences)
  • Leading & trailing F0 … F7 now not automatically added for SYSEX messages. SYSEX messages can now be used to send arbitrary MIDI signals!
  • Hi Res (14bit) messages for all controls now available
  • Gestures for buttons — slide up and down to change values

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed toggle for notes
  • Nudge buttons could sometimes disappear
  • Value on slider/knobs/button didn’t always respond to feedback
  • Fixed bug when using ‘make uniform size’ for controls in containers
  • Fixed problem where a low value was not sent for buttons that are momentary and assigned with a NRPN message
  • Fixed bug where XYZ controls would respond incorrectly to feedback from controls that had a altered range
  • Program change messages now working more reliably on drum pads

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