New Virtual Instrument Based On Vintage Jen SX1000

UK developer Synth Magic has released Jen SX3000, a virtual instrument Native Instruments Kontakt.

Here’s what Synth Magic has to say about Jen SX3000:

The Graphical user interface has been designed by renowned GUI designer Anders Hedstrom(Flavours of Lime) who has done an amzing job creating the front panels and user interface.

There are lots of great sounds from sound design guru Ingo Weidner who has made a batch of great sounds for the Jen sx3000-there are also sounds from Synth Magic.

Over 130 presets plus random preset generator-Easily create new and exciting presets by pressing one button.

We sampled our Jen SX1000, every note, every octave to give half a Gigabyte of Jen samples(411MB zipped)and added a few twists ourselves such as interval generators, sub oscilators ,lots of effects and best of all we added our custom sequencer which has undergone a major revamp and can now store and read a number of patterns for instant playback.

Sequencer can now store a number of patterns and recall them instantly,allowing you to build up your compositions.

We also added random sequence generator-at the touch of a button a completly new pattern will be created and random cutoff and resonance patterns too-Very inspirational and the source of hours of fun and great patterns.

The synth section also has aftertouch to vibrato and aftertouch to filter cutoff to allow for some really great expressive sounds.

Here’s a demo of Jen SX3000 that focuses on the sequencer.

Synth Magic retails for £24.95.

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