The MacBeth Micromac Desktop Analogue Synthesizer

MacBeth Micromac desktop analog synthesizer

Ken MacBeth, of MacBeth Studio Systems, is working on a new synth, the MacBeth Micromac desktop analogue synthesizer.

MacBeth says:

Behind the scenes I have still been concentrating on the MacBeth Micromac desktop analogue synthesizer!

Here is a picture of the casing that I have just received from a German metalwork company that will ultimately be the the Micromac enclosure. I have place a PCB layout diagram (partially complete) on the top surface to guage positioning…

The MacBeth Micromac, case prototype pictured above, is a synth module that will offer:

  • 3 x VCOs with multiturn pots
  • 1 x LFO
  • Mixing
  • X-Modulation
  • 24dB/O?ctave Filter
  • 2 x Transistor based EGs
  • MIDI
The MacBeth Micromac is under development, so pricing and availability are TBA.

10 thoughts on “The MacBeth Micromac Desktop Analogue Synthesizer

  1. I'm buying one the second it is released… I've been saving up for this one for months now. Macbeth stuff is 100% quality, sound and build-wise.

    1. Im a fan of macbeth stuff, not analog in general, just macbeth, and a desktop module, for me, would be brilliant.

  2. Macbeth is too busy making synth's to reply to emails to his company!!
    Will any of his machines have memories? does anyone know the answer to that elusive question?

  3. Old school? Cs80s had memories, memory moogs, old roland gear all had patch memories.
    The look and sound good but , no patch storage that' pretty poor!!!Would like Mr Macbeths take on this .

  4. memories suck, I want my sounds to be where my dials are positioned, it's more intuitive & hands on, it encourages sound creation that way. Write parts with softsynths for convenience & then record your midi parts as audio using modular patch bay discrete component analog synths through different preamps for colour.

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