iOS Sampler, Sir Sampleton, Gets Free CoreMIDI Update

Sir Sampleton

iOS sampling instrument, Sir Sampleton, has been updated to version 1.5.

Here’s what’s new in Sir Sampleton:

  • New sound controls for pitch, looping, sample volume, and start time
  • “Sample Group” feature now allows you to save 96 samples instead of just 12
  • ¬†CoreMIDI support
  • 4th generation devices now have more voices (up to 20)
  • New shortcut to “Settings” menu by double-tapping the sound menu button
  • Can now turn off menu click sounds

Sir Sampleton is a sampling musical keyboard that allows you to record sounds through the microphone and then play them on a piano keyboard. You can sample anything that makes noise: your voice, loud objects you find around the house, other musical instruments, your pets, etc. Sir Sampleton’s user interface is inspired by sampling Casio and Yamaha toy keyboards of the 80’s, but with some additional features that those keyboards lacked, like the ability to save your samples.

Sir Sampleton is $2.99 in the App Store.

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