Moog Lap Steel + Modular Synthesis

Reader and Experimental Synth guru Chris Stack sent word of this unique synth jam, which combines modular synthesis & Moog Lap Steel Guitar:

Moog Lap Steel pioneer Billy Cardine carves out a unique sonic landscape with the Lap Steel, analog and digital effects (Moogerfoogers, Eventide reverb) and cutting-edge modular synthesis gear (the MakeNoise RenĂ© cartesian sequencer). A top player meets powerful, expressive technology and this video just shows the tip of the iceberg…

You can find more examples of Stack’s creative synth work on his YouTube channel.

5 thoughts on “Moog Lap Steel + Modular Synthesis

  1. I just wish Moog would concentrate on making cool new analog products cause I think the whole guitar thing is limited for them. I see so many niche opportunities for dear Bob’s company, they could be kickIng ass right now with monotron/tribe type products. Rant over, this is a cool synth jam and I like it.

  2. Aren’t they kicking ass already?

    They’ve got more synth models than ever, they own the theremin market, they’ve got an amazing line of effects pedals, a cool Mac app, a successful music festival and they just got a new factory.

    Seems like they are doing OK!

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