Roland Jupiter 80 Tutorials

This set of videos offer a tutorial, by Roland’s Scott Tibbs, on the new Roland Jupiter 80 synthesizer:

The Jupiter 80 tutorials cover:

  • The Roland Jupiter 80¬†philosophy – explains why the Jupiter 80 echoes the Roland Jupiter 8, and why they choose not to ‘repeat the past’
  • A Jupiter 80 overview
  • The Roland Jupiter 80 sound architecture, Tones, Live Sets & Registrations
  • Getting started with the Jupiter 80
  • Layering and splits on the Jupiter 80
  • Understanding the Jupiter 80’s Live Sets
You can download the tutorial data at the Roland site.

12 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter 80 Tutorials

  1. Can you explain why it is shit?

    I don't see an issue with their philosophy if their intent is not to repeat the past. Some people may disagree with Roland's ideology, or any synth manufacturer's tenet for that matter, but its hard to believe that any of it is "shit" if any manufacturer accomplishes what they set out to do.

    If you want an analog synthesizer, there are plenty of options from dozens of manufacturers available both new or used. If you're looking for that "Jupiter" sound in all its analog glory, why not just buy a used Jupiter? And for those that complain that vintage gear is overpriced, what makes you think new analog gear would be any different? And even if they did make a Jupiter 8 version 2.0, do you honestly believe it would make your music ANY better?

  2. Its shit in two levels…or shit in one level and bull shit in other.

    The not repeating the past is cheesy, but most importantly should not be something to brag about, to other companies its kind of obvious. "PRESTO!!! This time we have something completely different!!!". Was that supposed to be some kind of jab at Kronos, which has twice as much old shit as this and it still got room for 10 times of new stuff. Or was that their excuse of not making it worthy procreator of its name. @3000€ its either Kronos, or something analog. 3000€ Performance "synth" with 4 sliders is mocking its customers, especially as the synth part in it is still pretty questionable.

    The bull shit part is, that the "Super Natural"-"oscillator"-" technology" is your very ordinary rompler engine, that Roland has used for years. If you look for some body in synth industry…or any industry for that matter, who has repeated its past with as little future designing, the Roland is the winner by far. Well there WAS the V-Synth, but they chose to not repeat THAT very brief part of their recent past, that would have been valuable instrument to have in synth market. Very expressive, forward thinking, extremely hands on and easy, and stunningly creative sound designing tool, and superbly, SUPERBLY robust instrument for live performances. I love Roland, I just cannot stand looking their slow death. Hurry, and make one more V-Synth. Even if it kills you, we will not remember you for 3000€ cheap performance keyboard.

    And Ikutaro that Kakehashis dream was corny for too many reasons to mention.

  3. Where do you get the idea this is a ROMpler?

    Have you not read anything about this synth or listened to any of the demos?

  4. Aa yes, it also has Gaia inside of it. I didn't forget it, I just don't approve it for the price. Not yet heard it personally though, and I might stop hating it after being able touch its super naturality, but I very much doubt it. Its so simple for that amount of money. Of course certain simplicity is a virtue of performance keyboards, but it isn't necessary to sacrifice the depth because of straightforward surface layer.

    We have enough of over priced performance keyboards, and we have FAAAAAAR too few V-Synths. Thats, why I'm such an ass hole towards this latest offering from Roland. Same goes to Clavia, heres a finger for you too for not making Modular.

  5. I agree completely… that "super natural" and "his dream" stuff is such crap. The "dream" here was to make a box filled with every piece of tech the company has ever produced, put a recognizable name on it, and then market the heck out of it to try to make Roland some money. This is a product designed out of fear by a committee… "Oh crap, the world economy is in the dumper, just throw everything in a box and sell it!"

    Does it sound great? I'm sure it does. It's undoubtedly a wonderful instrument. It's just a very expensive instrument that almost nobody really wanted or needed. And it also offers absolutely nothing that you couldn't get from any other giant synth from <pick_favorite_company>.

  6. If you guys havent tried it in person, please dont act like you know what you are talking about. This is not the perfect synthesizer, but I played with it the other day for about 2 hours, and I am in love.

    One of the most capable and impressive boards I have ever used. I think that perhaps using the Jupiter name denotes a certain legacy and may be ill-fitted for this instrument. That said, there is some serious tech in this package and I would reserve judgement util you try it.

  7. When the local Guitar Center gets one in I'll load up my Jupiter 8 and take it down there and compare em side by side. But it would have to be sounds they Both Can Do. NO sampled piano sounds and such and NO effects either since the original has no built in effects. After watching and listening to more demos of the Jupiter 80 I think it's pretty cool. Going by what I've seen and heard so far, I would have one. But I still would play around with one awhile before spending that kind of money on one. If I wanted a new, real analog, synth, I would get a Prophet 08 or Evolver. I love the old analog sound and I have several old Rolands. A Jupiter 8, Juno 60 and JX3P. Each have their own character of sound even though the have the same VCF chip. The Juno sounds SO fat when you turn on the chorus. PMW+Saw+Chorus for strings gives the Jupiter a run for it's money! And the JX3P is nothing to sneeze at either. It has some great sounds and can get pretty close to the Jupiter in the hard sync area. But the Jupiter is still the King of my collection.

  8. How can you judge a synth you never played .

    People who do that are usually the worst musicians .
    So quick to past judgement .
    The Kronos is falling apart before your eyes , just look at all the complaints on the Korg forum about the uneven key-bed ,cheap vector stick, small unreadable screen, korg even put cardboard spacers in the box to stop the frame from sliding and scratching the keys. . What ! On top of all that a test was done to prove that it does not sound as good as Oasys .Don't believe me then check it out for your self on Korg Forum. The M3 is better than The kronos ,M3 has better sequencer and drum chord trigger pads and solid build quality .

    The Jupiter-80 has amazing built quality . The touch screen is just like a iPad very vibrant and colorful and moves to touch . Finally the JP-80 solve the problem of sounds drooping out with a industry 1st of 256 voices of polyphony . JP-80 also solves the problem of copying efxs for sound .All effects stay with your sound on the JP-80 so you can just create . Wow ,what a beautiful work flow. The layering the you can do on the JP-80 with so much ease is amazing . I'm talking about making huge evolving beautiful Lord of the Rings type soundtrack in seconds .
    This is a great time to be a producer or musician . Love

  9. It’s great that people are complaining and winging (or the People who don’t have one of course or used one, And don’t forget can’t actually afford one but tell everyone they can). Because now It will stay exclusive and all of us that have one will know and those that don’t wont know.

    Instead of winging work on your music.

    And please, I’m not going to get into a debate I am true analog, but I know what’s good and what’s not and this thing is life changing, for those who have one of course.

    Why Are people so negative? If you don’t think it’s good then don’t buy one simple but stop jumping on forums and being negative about things you know absolutely nothing about.

  10. The Jupiter 80 sounds great and gives you nice control of your sounds. I use it
    with a Kronos to get any sound I need, It just takes some money which these guys
    don’t seem to have that are bitching. They want one keyboard to do it all and that will never happen.

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