R.I.P. Conrad Schnitzler

Conrad SchnitzlerExperimental electronic music artist Conrad Schnitzler – who was a member of the original incarnation of Tangerine Dream and had a 40 year solo career – died August 4th of pancreatic cancer.

Schnitzler completed his final work, 00/830, a few days before his death.

At right, a photograph of Schnitzler from July 23,2011.

In the last years of his life, Schnitzler worked on a project to ‘bury himself’ in beautiful locations around the world. See his Global Living memorial site for details.

Below, a short documentary about Schnitzler, in German.

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3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Conrad Schnitzler

  1. I can't really comment since I don't know the man, so I'm not going to pretend or anything. But of course my condolences do go out to any remaining family.

    The reason why I'm responding anyway is this: "In the last years of his life, Schnitzler worked on a project to ‘bury himself’ in beautiful locations around the world.".

    It appears he and me share the taste for some beautiful locations; I'm very certain that the picture of him above is taken in Berlin near the "Siegessäul". I know that place by heart; its one of my favorite places in Berlin. May sound strange considering how its basically a /huge/ roundabout or 'traffic square' (4 – 6 lanes of cars going around it) but if you go sit on a bench there and watch the awesome statue while traffic keeps flowing around you it actually brings a strange kind of peace and relaxation. And the placement of the statues around it is very impressive.

    Visited it twice (with a year between visits) and experienced the same feeling each time. Being on vacation may be an influence; but IMO its still one of the most beautiful places in Berlin.

  2. Here is a man that was a pioneer in music. He worked with all the greats and made unbelieveably interesting music. He will be missed.

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