Folktek Luminist Garden & Modular System

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a modular synth jam, that combines a complex modular synth with the¬†Folktek Luminist Garden.

Technical details below. 

via TheKlirrfaktor:

Folktek Luminist Garden & my modular system

First Session with this great instrument. All sounds (except the Luminist Garden) from my little modular system.

Sequencing: Pittsbsurgh Timetable, Doepfer A-155, MakeNoise Pressure Points & Brains, Malekko Wiard Noisering

Drums: Malekko Wiard Borg Filter, Doepfer A-117

Noise: 4ms Noise Swash, Bubblesound VCOb, MakeNoise Wiard Wogglebug, WMD Gamma Wave Source

Mello: Bubblesound uLFO

Recorded with Logic Pro.

Here you can find a hi-res photo of the patch:

More @


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