The MacBeth Micromac Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

MacBeth Micromac Synthesizer

This is a sneak preview of the MacBeth Micromac synthesizer – a desktop synth module that’s under development at MacBeth Studio Systems.

The Micromac is a synth module that will offer:

  • 3 x VCOs with multiturn pots
  • 1 x LFO
  • Mixing
  • X-Modulation
  • 24dB/O?ctave Filter
  • 2 x Transistor based EGs
  • MIDI
The MacBeth Micromac is under development, so specs are preliminary and pricing and availability are TBA.

See Ken MacBeth’s Facebook page for more photos of the prototype.

8 thoughts on “The MacBeth Micromac Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. It has no memory locations.
    Seems it is for a very limited market , but alas in spite of its great build quality and sonic potential.
    Such an oversight on the manufacturers part will keep it on the fringes.

    PSMaybe one day the great man Mr Macbeth might explain is angle on that

  2. Yes no problem,but someof us buy synth's with memories.If there is some wisdom in not putting memories on a synth then it's no big deal to explain?, but some of us are puzzled and are put off spending on such machines.

    Are some of us not allowed to pursue and understanding of a new synth's lack of memories?accused of trolling?
    My first analogue was a jen, my first digital was a cz101, I have had many synths in between. The idea of buying an analogue without memories is hilarious Dave smith and Moog are doing ok with their analogues synths and how bizzare they have memories. Synthesisers are for making music, the border line idea that they are fetish items is slightly concerning!!!
    The unboxing vids are worrying also!!

  3. There are many who prefer the tightness of CV over MIDI, still.

    Patch memory can be a double-edged sword, too. It makes it easy to recall sounds, but many prefer sound exploration & getting unique sounds over presets.

    Fortunately, there are more synths than ever before, so there should be something for everybody.

  4. its not the hard to you dont need memory storage they invented this thing called a camera and with it you can capture images in life and save them forever hint use a camera if you want to remember how u make patches on these things

  5. Implementing patch memory in an analog synthesizer is not simple or cheap and it would probably double the selling price of the unit. Just get a patch sheet with a layout of the knobs (if not macbeth makes one, someone else will) and write down the settings of your patch. Quick and easy.

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