The Time Has Come To….Pulverise! (Reason Pulveriser Tutorial)

World – the time has come to push the button and pulverise!

Creative destruction is the theme of the new Pulveriser, part of Propellerhead Reason 6.  According to the Propellerhead propellerheads, it’s the tool to grab when it’s time to squash, add dirt and generally get filthy with your sound.

This official ‘micro tutorial’ gives you the rundown on what to expect from the new Pulveriser.

Reason 6 is on the way, coming Sept 30th, 2011.

12 thoughts on “The Time Has Come To….Pulverise! (Reason Pulveriser Tutorial)

  1. I have very mixed feelings here. When I compare the several demo examples (which you'll also find on the Pulveriser product page) I think that the quality is quite good. No question about it; you can do a lot with this device.

    However if I compare it to say, NI's Rammfire (Guitar Rig Amplifier), TAL's flanger ('bitcrusher') or even some of the ReaPlugs (ReaXcomp or ReaFIR) it becomes more or less an effect like any other. Not entirely true, but I dare say that those freely available vst's also provide quite a bit of flexibility which – to a certain degree – can match up to that of Pulveriser.

    All three new Reason effects are pretty cool, and when looking at this from a "Reason perspective" are also simply an essential addition to get Reason at the same level as the competition is (esp. now that they're nearing the line between DAW/no real DAW closer than ever before).

    Still… I can't help feel that if they'd skip these filters for now and would instead have focused on adding VST support they would have accomplished a /WHOLE/ lot more.

    Next to Reason's awesome flexibility and workflow there is another very good reason why I always keep it rewired into Live you know…. 😉

    Thor + ReaFIR = awesomeness.

    And yeah; +1 Analone!! Finally Frank has found his true calling without having to plagiarize John Lennon 🙂

  2. I'd like to pulverise that darned Propellerhead "Ignition Key" dongle that occupies one of my laptop's USB ports whenever I use Record. 🙁

  3. I hope they don't add AU support to Reason, then it would just be another DAW. Why not just use Logic then? Part of the fun of Reason is the "limitations" which actually make you focus more rather than just loading an endless chain of plugins on every channel. I mean Reason is what it is, like an how an MPC is. Would an MPC be better if it had a synthesizer and a built in sample library? and why not a 2 octave keyboard too? Well, then it wouldn't be an MPC it would just be a workstation keyboard.

  4. I don't mind the dongle. It's a daily reminder that I actually own a lovely piece of software, have supported a company who clearly love what they do/make and that I didn't download some half-baked, illegal version off of some warez site. Hooray for my things!

  5. You make a good point but in the end all which matters is user acceptance. More acceptance, more users so more income. And now that Reason gets closer to being a real daw than ever before I really wonder how long they (can) continue without vst or even rewire master support.

  6. VSTs are for unstable DAWs caused bit bridging and bit shifting.

    Reason is now 64 bit and doesn't have that issue or stability issues.

    VSTs are also for people who can't sound design and rely on preset tweaking.

    Dongleless DAWs are for pirates.

    See any copies of Record floating around? Nope.

    Will you see pirated Reason 6 around? Nope.

    The three new effects takes everything inside Reason already and gives it more tonal and dynamic life.

    Can you say color, tone, dirt, grit, flavor? Spice added to everything already existing.

    The other DAWs are playing catch up now.

    Don't hate just because your DAW is still 32 bit, filled with bugs and crashes more then you'd like to mention.

    Windows 8 will probably be 64 bit only. Let's hope Ableton, Avid and Image-line can beat the clock. Image-line has zero chance since they are still running delphi 32 bit without a release of a 64 bit compiler.

    You might see some companies disappear in a year or less.

  7. Sorry to say but yes; there ARE "alternative" copies of Record flying around. Without going too technical: in the end its still the software checking the hardware.

  8. No there aren't any Record copies without an ignition key.

    If there were you'd see something about it, it's just a myth.. like not having a dongle is a good idea.

    You won't see any Reason 6 copies either. Face it, this has a lot of pirates pissed off a the dongle.

    Hmm ring a bell?

    Even if there was a magical key like you claim, those numbers would be a handful, opposed to the hundreds of thousands of pirated copies of every DAW out there.

    Let's put things in perspective and reality for once.

  9. Let's see, I've supported Propellerheads for a decade with many hundreds of dollars, and what do they do with that money? Why, come up with an "upgrade" for Reason which eats up one of my USB ports with a dongle. I mean, I'm sure that's what all Reason users have been demanding: more dongles!

    But dongles are the new hotness. I mean, any software that didn't depend on dongles would have been discontinued years ago, right? That's why Reason and Live are no longer available, and why you can't run Logic Studio (or Express) without a dongle, right?

    I mean, dongles wouldn't be necessary if OS X Lion had DRM baked into it and a convenient "Mac App Store" where you could easily and conveniently buy software, right? But that would never happen – the App Store is only for iOS, right? Besides, I'm sure it would be too hard for Propellerheads to get a piece of software, say, Rebirth, working with any "App Store," right?

    Fail, Propellerheads. Fail.

  10. Wow, you're right – I just did a search for "propellerhead record torrent" on google, and guess what – only 366,000 results!

    Looks like piracy has been defeated once and for all. Congrats!

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