Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface For The iPhone 4 Now Available

Fostex has announced that their new audio interface for the iPhone 4, the AR-4i is now availalble.

And after watching the official intro video, we’re feeling a bit of ‘Fostex fever’. Can you feel it?

The AR-4i iPhone audio interface is retailing for about $150. Details below. 


  • 3 microphone inputs with plug-in power for vertical or horizontal use.
  • Input level control and EQ can be done using the dedicated App.
  • 2 x cardioid plug-in microphones come as standard.
  • Third-party microphones can be used.
  • LED Level Meter for input level monitoring.
  • Microphone gain control.
  • Headphone jack for input monitoring.
  • 2 x AAA batteries for more than 10 hours operation.
  • External power can be fed via USB.
  • Ergonomic design for secure holding.
  • Screw hole provided for optional camera gears such as tripod, grip etc.

One thought on “Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface For The iPhone 4 Now Available

  1. OMG! That sounded like a cheesy Roland demo from the early 90s! That being said, this could be a cool piece of hardware for the right needs. Feels a little pricey though since I'm very happy already with my blue mkey for capturing "walking around" sounds. The headphone monitoring seems to be the one feature that it can boast.

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