GrainBender Gets CoreMIDI Support

Grainbender for iOS

GrainBender, a software synthesizer for the iPad, has been updated to version 1.1.

Here’s what’s new in GrainBender 1.1:

  • CoreMIDI support
  • Factory presets can be renamed and saved as user presets
  • New interface skin

You now control GrainBender from an external MIDI source or use GrainBender to control any other MIDI gear. Automation recorded as bends in GrainBender patches is also sent via MIDI so you can now apply GrainBender’s automation features to other MIDI-capable intruments.

About GrainBender

GrainBender is an iPad synthesizer, capable of making a wide range of sounds, from traditional analog to exotic digital effects.


  • unique, intuitive sound design interface
  • versatile oscillators with analog & digital waveforms
  • audio clip recording and export to other apps via AudioCopy
  • extensive but easy-to-use modulation
  • effects ranging from chorus and delay to digital grunge
  • wild new sounds generated with a tap on the die button
  • integrated help system

You can preview GrainBender below.

GrainBender is $8.99 in the App Store.

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