Novation UltraNova Review & Unboxing Video

Composer Paul Baraka takes a look at the Novation UltraNova synthesizer.

The bulk of the review focuses on Novation UltraNova sounds – which offer a nice preview of what the synth is capable of. But Baraka also offers his take on some of the pros and cons of the UltraNova.

Key Features of the Novation UltraNova:

  • Nova-series synth engine based on Supernova II:
    • Single part with up to 18 voices, 14 filter types, 36 wavetables, 5 effect slots
    • Patch Browse enables you to browse 300 sounds by type & genre
  • Touch-sense controls enable totally new sound-shaping & performance:
    • Trigger envelopes/LFOs/filters/FX by just touching the encoders
    • Large rotary control instantly allows you fine control of any parameter
  • 37 full sized keys, a vocoder, and loads of controls:
    • Voice optimized 12 band vocoder with gooseneck mic
    • High quality key bed with aftertouch for expressive playing styles
  • Software plug-in editor and Patch Librarian for full visual editing:
    • Plug-in editor allows you to view and edit in with software
    • Software Patch Librarian a organise, store and share unlimited patches
  • Built-in 2 in 4 out USB audio interface and it can be bus powered:
    • UltraNova can be used to stream audio to and from a host computer
    • Stereo main (analogue & SPDIF) and aux outputs, and MIDI in/out/thru ports

The UltraNova retails for about $700


In this video I will show you globally the features and go thru some of its sounds…The Novation UltraNova is a analogue-modelling synthesizer with a powerful effects processor. It is a single-part synth with the latest technology. It has wavetable synthesis, powerful filters, a software editor and a revolutionary new touch-sense performance mode. It’s Also a Soundcard!

I love the sound of this synth, great VST editor pluging and library, love the soundcard feature all the inputs and outputs. Looks cool and fun bleu led wheel lights… 300 onboard sounds, with good sound search engine, upcoming artist soundpacks, Animate — Touch-sense performance knobs and great aftertouch keybed. I would had liked a dedicated Tempo knob and found the vocoder to be average….and yes there is a Unboxing video a then end of the review.

2 thoughts on “Novation UltraNova Review & Unboxing Video

  1. Partly interesting. It started of pretty good IMO, I esp. liked the focus he gave on details. For example; even though this synth is high on my wishlist I didn't know until now that the pitch and mod wheels would actually light up when you changed position. Very cool touch IMO.

    However, then it gets boring. I mean; there's already a ton of video's and examples of all the UltraNova's patches out there. And well, a synth usability is not determined by just its amount of presets.

    I'd love to have him see explain some of the connectors, controls and how he used the UltraNova in his own studio. Show more of the patching capabilities and such.

    Anyway, didn't watch 'till the end so can't comment on the unboxing.

  2. I almost bought one of these, but instead decided on the SL Mkii midi controller, as i thought that would be more useful. I still covet one of these though 🙂

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