18 thoughts on “WTF Is This Thing And Why Is It So Awesome? (The Crystal Method DJ Keytar?!)

  1. make electronic music

    make money playing electronic music

    travel the world playing electronic music

    by shit loads of awesome gear with the money you made traveling the world playing electronic music
    get fat and happy and play electronic music all over the world on some weird useless shit you conceived in a k-hole on the floor of your awesome studio….

    sir, i tip my hat to you.
    well played.
    well played.

  2. Ppppssssssstttt..come ova here will ya?……I have a used Chevette right here in dis here par ken lot….yes it's true…….with a little work this thing will run like a one a dem dar Boeing 747's…..no kidding….make me an offer and I'll throw in an OP-1 …..don't tell my wife….I need a life….:^

  3. I like how they are asking the guy "what was that" about the pick he threw out. Those kids don't even know about guitar picks, they are all confused!! DJ's need more things to throw out into the crowd.

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