Can Your Gear Pass This Test?

DJ Tech Tools dropped one of their MIDI Fighter Pro MIDI controllers off of a 3-story building to see if it would survive.

As you can probably guess by the fact that they shared the video, the MIDI Fighter came out its structural integrity and full functionality intact.

Can you think of many other pieces of music gear that could pass this test?

I’m not going to throw my Pro One or my modular out the window to see – but we’d like to see more manufacturers torture their gear a bit! If your gear can survive a three-story drop, it’s probably going to handle normal wear and tear.

9 thoughts on “Can Your Gear Pass This Test?

  1. Lame.

    A dumb attention seeking excuse if you ask me. I don't know if my gear would survive that and quite frankly I hope it doesn't. Because I don't buy gear to be rugged and impact proof; I buy gear to produce good sounds or control. And yes; I'm one of those old fashioned (boring) people who actually takes care of his gear and is treating it gently.

    Heck; the main reason I eventually grabbed my MPD24 drum pad was because I feared that I might hit my keyboards keys too hard in anticipation.

    Never heard of this dj tech tools before now, but if this is the way they manifest themselves I don't care to never hear from them again either.

  2. Oh settle down; the world has enough synth snobs;

    But I'm sure my slim phatty could survive that fall; it doubles as my zombie apocalypse weapon;

  3. Try it with an iPad!

    Mackie ran a set of videos years ago doing comparisons with other mixers by dropping them off buildings and even running the things over with a car. I know Presonus did something similar as well with their audiocards too. Good selling point if you ask me. Part of the reason I love Mackie gear. The shit is just built right.

  4. I don't consider myself a "synth snob" considering that I don't own an hardware synth 🙂

    Still, your argument works both ways. The Internet has also seen its share of these kinds of movies. From "Will it blend?" to "can we blow it up?".

    It gets boring.

  5. Agreed. It appears as if he threw it to land on the bottom with the rubber pads. If he were to flip it all random and crazy that would not survive.

  6. Not sure if you can fling gear off a three-story building and make it land on 'the good side'.

    That said – if it had broken when they dropped it, they wouldn't have put the video on YouTube!.

    I like that they value building road-worthy gear, though.

  7. Notice that there was no full shot of the gear leaving his hands then hitting the pavement, it was edited! I'm not saying it wouldn't survive, but from a skeptical point of view, it looks staged.

  8. Back in the early days, Randall Smith sold an amp to Steve Miller after throwing it down a flight of stairs to demonstrate it's road-worthiness. Broke a couple of tubes, but the amp was fine.

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