Daphne Oram & The Oramics Machine

This series of photos capture Daphne Oram’s pioneering Oramics Machine and related gear.

The Oramics Machine was a pioneering electronic music instrument, developed by Oram from 1957 onwards. It’s on display as part of an exhibit at London’s Science Museum, Oramics To Electronica.

Steve Marshall has an interesting history of the Oramics Machine at SOS.

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3 thoughts on “Daphne Oram & The Oramics Machine

  1. It'll never catch on. Come to think of it, it never caught on. I wish my modular looked like that, though.

  2. Valves
    Light bulbs
    Reed relays

    Cutting-edge technology of my childhood. Hands up who else here remembers them?

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