New MIDIBridge For iOS Lets You Connect & Route Hardware & Software MIDI

MIDIBridge for iPhone, iPadDeveloper Audeonic Apps has introduced MidiBridge – a utility that interconnects all MIDI interfaces (external and network) on an iOS device.

Supported external interfaces include Line 6 Midi Mobilizer I and Midi Mobilizer II, IK Multimedia iRig MIDI and all other CoreMIDI devices that are compatible with iOS via the USB camera kit on iPad. For CoreMIDI support, iOS 4.2 or greater is required.

You can use MidiBridge to:

  • Connect any external MIDI equipment to a remote computer or other iOS device (iOS > 4.2) wirelessly
  • Clone MIDI data from any input to any set of outputs
  • Filter incoming MIDI data on each input
  • Filter outgoing MIDI data on each output
  • Merge incoming inputs to one or more outputs
  • Split incoming MIDI data (using filters) across any set of outputs

Other features:

  • Events can be filtered by type (Note/Program/Controller/Sysex/Aftertouch/TimeSong) and MIDI channel
  • MIDI interface ports can be given a user friendly name
  • Initiates CoreMIDI network connections from your iOS device
  • Visual indication of what is connected to where at all times
  • Visual indication of MIDI events received, sent and blocked
  • Visual indication of CoreMIDI network connections
  • Highlight all connections to/from any MIDI input or output.
  • Keeps track of your MIDI interfaces and restores connections/filters automatically
  • MidiBridge is delivered as a universal binary so purchase once and run on all iOS devices you own
  • Streamlined efficient code passes/filters events very quickly

See the Audeonic site for details. MIDIBridge is $8.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used MIDIBridge, leave a comment with your thoughts!

9 thoughts on “New MIDIBridge For iOS Lets You Connect & Route Hardware & Software MIDI

    1. MidiBridge 1.3 released today and includes Akai SynthStation25 support allowing you to connect to other CoreMIDI apps and go completely wireless by connecting to CoreMIDI network.

  1. May be just me, but the price seems a bit high. Actually, all I am looking for is a way to hook my MIDI accordion into the iPad using the camera connection kit and then have it send the MIDI data over WIFI to my laptop running Rax, OneManBand and SimpleSynth. I suppose this would do it, though. Not sure I'll spend $9 to find out. Also, and it may not be feasible, but it would be great if it could do it in the background, as I use a PDF reader to view set lists, notes, etc. on the iPad while playing.

  2. In a world of $0.99 apps, yes the price might seem high, but when you compare it to what it costs to do the same in hardware, I think its a pretty small price to pay. Personally, I've been very happy with the results using this app (wirelessly connecting a keyboard to computer).

    From the looks of your requirements (you will need a suitable USB MIDI interface that iOS supports to plug into the camera kit) this app will do what you want.

    At the moment it doesn't do background but on the dev's website they say they're adding that feature in along with being able to connect directly to other apps that are running. There is some group being formed on google groups by app devs who are working on a standard for this sort of virtual cable type connection. If they can do it we could see some very cool ways of connecting apps to the outside world (as well as internally on the iPad)

  3. We’ve just released version 1.1 of MidiBridge which is backgroundable and supports CoreMIDI virtual ports. You can now do such things as splitting the channelised outputs of a sequencer app over multiple apps (filter by channel) and/or external devices. Also, MidiBridge can be used to make newer apps interact with the original Midi Mobilizer (provided said apps are backgroundable and support CoreMIDI virtual or network input/output). More details at our website or AppStore

  4. I’m buying an IK MidiRig this week and I’d like to play SampleTank on MIDI Channel 1 and Sunrizer on Channel 2. Can I do the necessary routings with Midibridge? I guess I can, by reading the specs (using filters I guess, although I wish a more elegant solution was possible), but nobody seems to have thought of this use, for the app, and I can’t see any mention of it either on Audeon’s website or any of the forums I’ve visited.

    1. MIDI wise this can be done with filters (in current version 1.3) and in next version 1.4 (which will be released today or tomorrow hopefully) with keyboard split. There’s some detail on our site in the news section and a full description of the 1.4 modules.

      However, whether this will work in real life will depend upon Sunrizer being able to co-exist with SampleTank audio wise. SampleTank changes the iOS sample rate to 32k and if Sunrizer can cope with that then it will work. If the two don’t co-exist then unfortunately no amount of MIDI magic is going to make the two run on the same device.

  5. Ipad app to app on single ipad.
    I want to send midi cc from “Setlist Maker” which does have midi TX to the new software mixer
    for the Behringer XR-18r which also has midi rec and tx.
    Need to identify the midi and cant see anything, will your software help me sort this, will it show any activity internally on an ipad air?
    Cheers Bryan

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